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  • Blog Post: Mixing MEF and PIAB

    The Policy Injection Application Block (PIAB) provides a way to dynamically apply cross-cutting concerns by configuration or attributes. The combination of this technique and composition using Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) can be realized through the use of a factory method as demonstrated here...
  • Blog Post: Just Released: Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0

    See details here: and read Grigori's post here:
  • Blog Post: New Feature Builder Power Tools

    Those of you interested in Software Factories and Visual Studio Automation may find it relevant to investigate the new Feature Builder Power Tools. I will be happy to hear about your experiences and suggestions. Exerpt from landingpage : Feature Builder is a Power Tool for Visual Studio 2010 (preview...
  • Blog Post: Free Book: A Guide to Claims-Based Identity and Access Control

    Another free book from our Patterns&Practices team about something that you know you ought to know a little about :-) - Claims Based Identity and Access Control. Get the Book here -
  • Blog Post: SaaS - SDP

    A couple of my colleagues from across the pond have recently blogged about SaaS and the so-called Service Delivery Platform. Check it out here
  • Blog Post: ISB - Biztalk Services in the sky

    If you haven't done so already I recommend you take a look at our latest Biztalk Services CTP from the Connected Systems Division ( ). Quite a few people has already commented on this and I will just forward you to some of the links I have found interesting...
  • Blog Post: EntLib 3.0 Released

    The P&P team has finished the third major release of the enterprise library. See Tom's post for more information. Try the new WCF integration with logging, exception handling and validation application blocks. Download from MSDN .
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