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  • Blog Post: Clean-up your desktop with fences

    Neat tool for grouping "stuff" on your desktop - fences from - go here
  • Blog Post: New Feature Builder Power Tools

    Those of you interested in Software Factories and Visual Studio Automation may find it relevant to investigate the new Feature Builder Power Tools. I will be happy to hear about your experiences and suggestions. Exerpt from landingpage : Feature Builder is a Power Tool for Visual Studio 2010 (preview...
  • Blog Post: Updated VSTS Guidance Available

    The P&P team has updated guidance related to Visual Studio Team System on Codeplex
  • Blog Post: IE Developer TOOLBAR

    A new release of the IE Developer Toolbar is available here .
  • Blog Post: PowerShell Analyzer

    I was recently writing a powershell script for one of my colleagues and found myself typing the script in Notepad(!). Well... today I stumbled over an interactive environment - the so-called Powershell Analyzer . It seems nice: I am definitely going to try it out the next time someone needs a .ps1 script...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Writer

    This is a test from my new favorite blogging editor - Windows Live Writer Get it: here
  • Blog Post: CopySourceAsHtml plug-in for VS2005

    Found a plug-in :CopySourceAsHtml
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