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Thank You, John and Ron!

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Thank You, John and Ron!

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I'm a little late to the blogs here, but wanted to add my voice to those of my colleagues, Dan Stolts and Chris Bowen, in congratulating John Ross and Ron Thibeau on their well-earned "Community Super Hero Award", presented to them at the TechNet / MSDN Event in Boston on Thursday, November 13th.

Ron Thibeau and John Ross

As a relatively new member of the Microsoft Northeast District community, I haven't known these gentleman for nearly as long as Dan and Chris; however, I have definitely seen their hands-on involvement (notably the Boston User Groups site) and proactive natures first hand. 

On a personal note, I'll always recall that John was the first member of the greater community that I met at my first Waltham Northeast Roadshow.  He made it a point to introduce himself almost immediately and welcome me into the fold.  It's pretty clear now that was just par for the course for both of these guys.

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