As a Developer Evangelist (emphasis on the Developer) I’m the first to attest to my lack of design skills, and those of you who’ve seen me present on Silverlight or Expression Blend are likely nodding your heads in agreement right now.

image Fear not!  Relief is in sight!  Adam Kinney, a Technical Evangelist focusing on Silverlight and Expression Blend, is bringing his world-tour of Silverlight Design Days to Microsoft’s NERD (New England Research and Development Center) in Cambridge on May 14th.

As stated on Adam’s blog, these free events provide the

… opportunity to learn about Silverlight and Expression Blend from a design and interface developer perspective.

The first half of the day will start out with a short poll, asking these three questions:

    1. How many of you write code?
    2. What technologies do you use today?
    3. Is there anything specific you want to cover?

The tools and the platform will then be introduced by accomplishing designer tasks based on the earlier poll as much as possible.

The second half of the day will be your opportunity to get your hands on Blend and Silverlight.

Register soon, because space is limited!