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  • Blog Post: Windows Azure for PHP and Java

    Historically Microsoft’s Professional Developer Conference (PDC) is the pre-eminent developer conference for Microsoft technologies, and while that remains true, you may have noticed this year’s session titles included technologies like “PHP” and “Java” – typically with “Azure” in close proximity. ...
  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Companion: PHP and WordPress in Azure

    Update July 13, 2011 “The Windows Azure Companion was an experimental tool to provide a simple experience installing and configuring platform-elements (PHP runtime, extensions) and web applications on Windows Azure. Based the feedback and results Microsoft has decided to stop any further development...
  • Blog Post: Dallas on PHP (via WebMatrix)

    Frequent readers know that I’ve been jazzed about Microsoft Codename “Dallas” ever since it was announced at PDC last year (cf. my now dated blog series ), so with the release of CTP3 and my upcoming talk at the Vermont Code Camp , I thought it was time for another visit. Catching Up With CTP3 I typically...
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