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  • Blog Post: Azure Storage Updates

    This has been an eventful week in terms of cloud storage, with two significant announcements from the Windows Azure team: On June 25th, SQL Azure Service Update 3 (SU3) became available, with the following features that had been announced at TechEd 2010 (or before) Business database size has increased...
  • Blog Post: WCF CHAMP

    I guess I’m showing my age, but the first thing I thought of when hearing about this clip (below) was the 1979 movie with Jon Voight (er, Angelina’s dad for the GenXers).  Microsoft’s recent take on the theme may not be Oscar material, but if you’re crying at the end of this, it’s from laughing...
  • Blog Post: Get RESTy With It

    Preview 2 of the WCF REST Starter Kit is now available on CodePlex.  I covered an earlier version of the Starter Kit during our Northeast Roadshow last December.  As you may recall, the WCF REST Starter Kit enables you to pretty quickly build singleton and collection resource-based services...
  • Blog Post: Latest ARCast... Featuring Chris Bowen

    In the latest ARCast.TV episode, Bob Familiar interviews the authors - including the fabulous Chris Bowen - of the newly released Essential Windows Communication Foundation for .NET Framework 3.5 from Addison-Wesley. ARCast.TV - Essential WCF
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