That’s an equation you’ll typically hear us evangelists espouse, with XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) being the lingua franca of the developer/designer relationship, and Visual Studio and Expression Studio the tools of choice.  It’s a compelling story and one that’s easy to talk about, but face it, in my role, I mostly talk-the-talk, and it’s you guys that have to walk-the-walk.

image Well, if anyone walks-the-walk, it’s Cynergy Systems, whose hallmark is RIA, whether it be with WPF and Silverlight or those other guys.  A recent Forrester Research Case Study profiles Cynergy’s roots and approach to building software in this emerging space. 

In a pretty amazing move, Cynergy announced it is providing the seven-page report free to the community (details in Dave Wolf’s blog post).  It’s a great read, and technology-agnostic, so focuses on how to approach developing RIA solutions versus the specific tools and technologies that you might employ to deliver them.