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Azure@home Blog Series

@home with Windows Azure was a webcast created by me and my colleagues Brian Hitney and John McClelland, which we delivered nine times during the Spring of 2010.  The focus of the seminar was to introduce developers to the Windows Azure platform using a rather interesting distributed computing application: Standford University's Folding@home.  The @home with Windows Azure site contains all the information you need (including webcast recordings) to build and deploy the application on your own.  [Be aware of the cost impact if you are using a chargeable Azure account].

The two-hour webcast did not leave much opportunity to discuss the implementation in detail, and that's where this blog series comes in.   I welcome you to download the application and follow along as I cover, in some detail, the various aspects of the implementation.  As always, please leave feedback as to what you liked and what you didn't in terms of this series; I definitely want it to be a valuable asset as you come up to speed on Windows Azure and Microsoft's Cloud Computing investment.

@home with Windows Azure: Behind the Scenes

Part 1: Application architecture

Part 2: WebRole implementation

Part 3: Azure storage

Part 4: WebRole implementation (redux)

Part 5: The REST of the story

Part 6: Synchronous table pagination

Part 7: Asynchronous table pagination

Part 8: Worker Role and Azure diagnostics

Part 9: Worker Role Run method

Part 10: Worker Role Run method (continued)

Part 11: Worker Role Run method (concluded)

Part 12: The Move to SDK 1.3

Part 13: Remote Desktop Configuration

Part 14: Inside the VMs