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Photo Mosaics in Windows Azure Blog Series

 This series is a deep dive into an application I initially created for a live-event series, Azure Tech Jam, in mid-2011.  Since the event, I've added a number of new features with the intent of demonstrating how to meld various facets of the Windows Azure platform (storage, compute, service bus, caching, etc.) into a coherent and not-too-trivial application.

It's my hope that with the application source code and technical insight provided in this blog post series, you'll gain better insight in the Windows Azure offerings as well as be armed with a few patterns and practices for building scalable cloud applications in Windows Azure.  Enjoy!

Photographic Mosaics in Windows Azure: A New Series

Part 1: Application workflow

Part 2: Storage architecture

Part 3: Blobs

Part 4: Tables

Part 5: Queues

Part 6: Roles

Part 7: Service Bus

Part 8: Caching

Part 9: Caching Analysis