Some post on the blog has to be the first one. So, here it is. I'll start with a bit about me, because it's my blog, after all.

I've been at Microsoft for over 7 years, most of those spent in working on Windows Media projects, such as the Windows Media Player SDK and the VC-1 Encoder SDKs. Usually, my job is to write the documentation and create samples and example code. It's a fun job the lets me be the first customer for some of the SDKs that Microsoft releases. I get to explore the technology, write some code, and then write the documentation that helps developers use the APIs. Before working at Microsoft, I never gave much thought to how these things were created. Now, I'm convinced I have the most fun job in the company.

Prior to working at Microsoft, I spent many years as an audio mixing engineer, working on live production shows and in recording studios. I was a mostly self-taught programmer and at one point I decided I wanted a way to control all the hardware devices I used to run production shows. Pretty much all of those devices (mixing consoles, effectors, etc.) had MIDI jacks, so I wrote myself some software to create event playlists. Over time, this grew into ShowPro MIDI, which was a fairly comprehensive program that could also control audio playback and run MIDI Show Control-enabled devices. The software was eventually used by engineers on and off Broadway, in showrooms in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, in theaters in far-flung places like Australia and Germany, and even in the making of The Matrix II and III films as a lighting control package.

Four months ago, I joined a great team that creates new technologies for Windows. In the past, this team developed the Tablet PC, the Ultra-Mobile PC, and more recently, Windows SideShow. We also have lots of other cool stuff in the works, and I'll write about those technologies when I can.

Microsoft has a very goal-oriented culture, so, here are my main goals for this blog:

  • Share what I'm learning about the SDK technologies my team creates, from a developer's perspective.
  • Discuss trends in our industry and computer programming.
  • Publish code, tips, and tricks.
  • Report about my experiences at trade shows and conferences.

I think this will be fun!