A reader asks: 

I've searched for information on Internet how to say to Windows 7 that external Bluetooth GPS should be used as the location sensor, but actually I have not found any answers, just the similar questions in forums. Probably it would be a good post in your blog which will explain what is possible and what not. I suspect there should be some driver support for translating information from Bluetooth COM ports to location, but it should be some class driver that is part of Sensor & Location API. I am using Nokia LD-3W BT GPS. It has category Other and from services there is only Serial Port. GPS function works just fine with legacy applications that use COM port directly, but I would like to know how Win7 can utilize this device as Location sensor.


The Sensor and Location platform in Windows 7 does not provide a class driver for location sensors. In this particular instance, Nokia would have to write an updated native driver for the GPS. Alternatively, you could write a COM port-based sensor driver, but this is not a trivial exercise.