A customer is looking to migrate their SPS 2003 content to MOSS 2007 and also restructure their sites during the migration process.

None of the standard upgrade approach from Microsoft would accomplish that and I've been evaluating some partner solutions that support content migration from WSS V2/SPS 2003 to WSS V3/MOSS 2007. The following 2 products have been evaluated and compared based on the trial download and information I received from the indivisual product sales/support/bussiness dev team.


Tzunami Deployer 2.01

DocAve 4.1 Migrator



·          .NET-based Windows application

Server add-on:

·          Web service/OM on MOSS servers


DocAve server:

·          Database service

·          Network service

·          Tomcat service (java-based web server)

DocAve media server:

·          Media service

·          Patch service

DocAve client:

·          Communication service (Web service/OM)

DocAve database:

·          Builtin – MySQL

·          Or existing SQL Server

Browser access:

·          Hosted by Tomcat (http://server:8080/docave)

Remote access

Windows application running on remote desktops

Browser access supported with username/password

Installation components

  • Client on remote desktop
  • Web service on MOSS servers
  • Server on any machine
  • Client on SPS 2003 web-front end servers
  • Media server also required.

Site level and item level migration



Modified time and Modified by



Create a new site in target on the fly

Yes (Collaboration Portal and Publishing Portal not available, need to exist already)

No (target sites need to exist already)* Updated in 2/1/2007 release. Now target sites can be created on the fly in 2007 

Support migration from sites based on custom sitedef



User permissions required

Farm admin rights, etc (workaround - offline support for non-admin users and then commit to SharePoint by admin)

Special power user rights granted by using Control Panel in the software

Migration sources supported

·         File Shares

·         SharePoint Portal Server 2001

·         WSS V2/SPS 2003

·         Exchange Public Folders (mail items, files, discussions, contacts, appointments, etc.)

·         Lotus Notes

·         EMC Documentum and eRoom

·         Hummingbird

·         OpenText Livelink

·         Plumtree

·         Hyperwave

·         Custom repositories


·         SPS 2003

·         Exchange Public folder

Touch databases



Migrate views

No (available in later version)


List types supported for migration

All list types

·         List securities not preserved

·         Discussion board pending

·         Survey pending (Update: surveys are now supported 5/12/07)

Schedule migration task in UI



Pricing model

  • based on content size + maintenance fee

·         base price + price per SPS 2003 user


Note: everything listed aboved is based on personal evaluations done before 3/13/2007 and information is subject to change. Please always refer to each product web site for the updated product information.

Tzunami Deployer: http://www.tzunami.com/products/?did=11

DocAve Migrator: http://www.avepoint.com/products/sharepoint-migration/