...and having been put to shame by coworkers for not blogging, here I am finally.


Hello World.  I am Jit Ghosh - a .NET Architect Evangelist with Microsoft, and this is my first blog entry.


In my day job I try to help customers understand and adopt the Microsoft .NET and Windows Server platform for building enterprise applications, and advise them on the architectural aspects of .NET based application development. In my past life, I have worked for several systems integration firms of varying sizes, designing and implementing enterprise application architectures.


At home, I am a husband and a father of a five year old, and part time electronics enthusiast.


So what might you find on my blog ?


Topics on enterprise architecture, design patterns, and pretty much anything that has to do with computing on the Windows Platform interests me. Check in every now and then for tidbits on all of this stuff, plus some general ranting.


I will try to be as regular as possible.


Until the next entry,


- Jit