My first and only post to this (or for that matter any) blog was about 4 years ago - that probably tells you something about my abilities to provide insightful information on a blog. However, I wanted to give this blogging "thing" another shot. Since most of my teammates are avid bloggers with very well read blogs, I am probably doing this out of sheer inferiority complex, but I will let you decide the quality of my posts for yourself.

I am still an Architect with Microsoft's Developer & Platform Evangelism team - our team focuses on helping our customers build mission critical solutions on our developer platform and provide necessary knowledge transfer and architecture & design assistance to that end.

My industry focus these days is entirely on the Media & Entertainment vertical. In that space I primarily interact with  producers and consumers of digital content - over a wide spectrum of businesses like broadcast studios, cable providers, publishers, advertising agencies etc. and to a certain extent some of our solution provider partners. I deal with a variety of solutions formats ranging from content production workflow and related automation to digital rights management to digital content delivery platforms.

Moving forward my posts will mostly fall in one of two categories - the Microsoft developer platform being one and digital media related solutions being another. Here's to trying again...