August, 2005

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    SetEnterLeaveFunctionHooks2 and the FunctionIDMapper

    At one point during Whidbey development we removed the FunctionIDMapper functionality from the Profiling API. The reason for removing it was concern over how to implement both the mapping and the new argument-inspection functionality at the same time...
  • Jonathan Keljo's CLR Blog

    Using the Profiling API Enter/Leave Function Hooks

    Ever since v1, corprof.idl has contained the following ominous comment above the typedefs for FunctionEnter/Leave/Tailcall. * NOTE!!! * * It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that these function implementations must be * __declspec(naked), since the EE...
  • Jonathan Keljo's CLR Blog

    Profiling and Metadata

    Well, ya gotta start somewhere, so I'll start short 'n' simple... Lately I often get asked where one can find out how generics are exposed in metadata, particularly signatures. Check out version 3 of the ECMA CLI spec . Partition II, section 23.2 is...
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    Hi, I'm Jonathan Keljo, and I'm a program manager on the Common Language Runtime team at Microsoft. I've been on the team for a little over 3 years now. Given how often folks move around at MS, that makes me one of the "old folks"; there are only 5 other...
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