Hi, I'm Jonathan Keljo, and I'm a program manager on the Common Language Runtime team at Microsoft. I've been on the team for a little over 3 years now. Given how often folks move around at MS, that makes me one of the "old folks"; there are only 5 other PMs (out of a team of 20) who were around when I started.


I've been working on such things as the debugging API (with Mike Stall and Rick Byers and a bunch of other folks), profiling API (lately with Rico Mariani), MDAs (with Adam Nathan and others), exception system/error reporting (with Chris Brumme and others), and threading (also with Chris). I think there was even a brief period about a year ago when I was working on all of those at the same time…


These days I'm no longer quite that crazy--we've hired some awesome people and I've been able to tighten my focus to just the profiling API, exception system/error reporting, and a really small chunk of threading--so I've got more time to devote to those things _and_ I can finally start a blog!


I don't quite know what I'm going to put up here yet, so we'll see how it goes. One or two folks out there have been after me to start blogging, so if you folks have ideas, shoot 'em my way!