I've just posted updates to EF POCO Adapter (v1.02) which resolves a couple of issues spotted by users:

  1. Detached proxies (created by EFPocoContxt.CreateObject<T>) as well as proxies in the Added state were failing on property navigation. This has been fixed, and the property navigation doesn't attempt the load in one of these states. Thanks to Corey Gaudin for reporting this.
  2. GetAdapterObject() was failing for proxies created with CreateObject<T>. This has been fixed by ensuring that adapters are always cached whenever proxies are present. As a side effect of this change, DetectChanges() should be a bit faster, as we don't have to walk object state manager anymore. Thanks to Corey Gaudin for reporting this.
  3. Fixed code generator to eliminate compilation warning of unused property.

The updated version is available here.