The product teams at Microsoft didn’t pull any stops at the event. The first presenter of the morning was Scott Guthrie, the General Manager of the Client and Web Platform & Tools Team. He gave an impressive end to end three tiered demo of an ASP.NET application running on IIS 7.0. He has delivered the ”Building a Complete Web Application” talk before - you can download the slides and demo files here:

Scott is a very entertaining speaker and went “off-script” explaining concepts to the audience. He also did a pretty good job tying .NET concepts to similar analogies in open source terms. For example, a lot of thought was put in the performance hit required to access configuration files, such as .htaccess. As a result, the web.config file in IIS 7.0 incurs no performance hit on an ASP.NET website, and you don’t have to reboot the server to make configuration changes. Also, a lot of thought was placed into mitigating attacks in ASP.NET, including detection of attacks based on document encodings.

Scott also presented the ASP.NET AJAX Extensions (formerly codenamed “Atlas”) (he was the first to blog about the new product naming and roadmap. (

Scott delivered yet another great demo and mentioned two interesting facts: first, there has been a recent drop of the Atlas AJAX Control Toolkit ( released on Codeplex ( The second fact is that the Atlas AJAX Extensions will be completely integrated ASP.NET vNext. In fact, the “atlas” prefix will be refactored to “asp” in the near future.

Here is a photo from the event: