In 1918 the Red Sox won their last world series.  In 1920 the owner of the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth to the Yankees for 150k in cash in addition a 300k loan against the mortgage of Fenway park itself to the Yankees owners.  Since that time, in 83 years the Yankees have won 26 titles (Yes, that's 1/4 of all world series played.) and the Red Sox have not won one.  I'm not a believer in curses, but I have to believe that this could be the year the baseball gods start turning things around. 

This year the Sox faced elimination 4 times and have won all four games to beat out Oakland and force the Yankees to Game 7 Thursday night.  Game 7 will be a rematch of Saturdays Pedro VS Roger start where the Sox lost and Pedro's best punch out was that of Yankee coach Don Zimmer during a bench clearing brawl.  The atmosphere for these games is like nothing else.  I've seen bar fights, people forced to take off their "Yankees Suck" shirts, and fans brawling inside the park when I've attended the games. In the 9th  inning of game 3 the Yankees bullpen pulled a rowdy Red Sox grounds crew member into the bullpen to put to introduce him to their cleats.  Charges are still pending in boston and meanwhile the Mayor of NY might arrest pedro when he steps out for the first pitch.

That's all outside of the game.  The game itself will feature Roger Clemons who refuses to wear a Red Sox cap into the hall of fame (And will be forced to.) against Pedro, his 10 year younger replacement, the modern day Sandy Koufax.  You'll see a Red Sox offense that led baseball in just about every category and finally came alive for 9 runs in game 6.  Will Nomar beat out Jeter in the battle for shortstop supremacy?  Will Manny charge the mound again if Roger "I never throw inside to hit anyone" throws one anywhere near the inside of the plate?

I've promised my wife I won't cry in public if the Red Sox lose since we are having a little gathering to watch the game.