It’s been a while since my last entry.  I don’t feel like a bad blogger.  While I’d love to keep on a more regular schedule, and it’s still my goal to do so, there are a number of things that have kept me from doing so over the last 20 or so days.


First, I don’t really feel the need to comment on every little new story or minor technology event like some people.  I believe that unless there is something meaningful you can add readers will probably know your opinion from reading your previous entries. 


Second, there have been some outages on the gotdotnet blogging servers that have been accompanied with the threat of “If you blog we’ll most likely lose your entries and any comments.”  As a tester this statement is equivalent to “If you blog your new entries will be lost and most likely we’ll lose your past entries as well.  Yes, I’m fairly paranoid. 


Third has been my dedication towards finishing several long standing projects around my house that have been dragging on forever.  While my progress there has been phenomenal it has taken time away from my blogging, Xboxing, and other recreational activities.  My goal has been to finish these projects as quickly as possible so that I can get back to my recreational time.  The positive side effect is that I’ve decided I watched too much TV to get things done so I’ve started drastically cutting down my “Season pass” lists on Ultimate TV to include less… junk TV.  It’s amazing what you can do with these few extra precious hours a week.  


Now it’s time to violate my first statement:


My, and other GDN bloggers will most likely have their blogs moved soon.  The GDN people are offering us space on the bloging site.   I’m not really thrilled about this.  I think it’s a mistake to limit Microsoft bloggers to the ASP.NET site.   I don’t generally write about ASP.NET and would be of little benefit to the community there.  Nothing against the site, it’s just not where I think most GDN bloggers content belongs. Ideally there would just be a site.  The sooner we can set that up the better.  I haven’t decided if I’ll make the move to ASP.NET or find an alternative solution for blog hosting, but IMO there has been a community of bloggers/readers developed on this site and mixing this and the ASP.NET community is not the correct solution.   


Another project of mine has been digitizing all of my CDs.  I started the process with windows media player, but their song organization schema has yet to impress me.  I switched to Itunes and have been better off since.  The importing goes faster (insert CD, it imports, then the CD is ejected with a loud chime waiting for me to come back and put in the next one). I also don’t have to pay extra for an MP3 encoder.  The smart playlists are awesome for generating playlists with an over 30gb collection. I just wish I could make some more advanced SQL style queries such as a “One hit wonders” playlists where it throws any song where there is just one song in my collection from that artist into a playlist. Hell, I’ve even purchased music for my Ipod from Itunes.  It’s been great for collecting those “one hit wonders”, but I don’t think I would use it to purchase whole CD’s yet.  I’m just not ready to buy into DRM that fully yet.  Someday I hope there are some standards adopted so that music lovers are not tied down onto a device/platform as they are today. Sure, I could buy the inferior Naptser player, but then it would be bulkier and limit me to WMA.  But that’s not the case yet and IMO there is not a good enough Microsoft focused solution for me as a consumer so I feel dirty.   However, if anyone in the windows media team has some cool devices for me to provide them with feedback on I’d love the opportunity.  J


I bitch too much,