I previously mentioned, after the work I put into the VBCommentor project that I’d be spending time on the VSCMDShell project.  The purpose of this project is to enable a tool window in VS.Net that hosts a command shell like “cmd.exe”.  Well, the long flights to the east coast and -10 degree temperatures that forbid fun skiing gave me the opportunity.   I’ve checked in some updated source and posted a release.  In this release you’ll find:

  • The window resizes correctly now, but don’t ask my why. :-)
  • Better syntax highlighting code: What you see now is just a gold command prompt, but I’ve made this perform better and it should be easy to add a bunch more and make it customizable later.
  • Tab Completion: This is the big one for now.  I find the command prompt pretty useless without it.  You’ll notice tab and shift-tab both work to perform a lookup in the current directory for any directories/files that match!
  • Improved VS Commands: I’m not where I want to be here.  I’d prefer to be using dte.raisecommand than just piping them to the Command Window, but at least now typing “!somevscommand” should work a little more consistently than it did before.

What I’d love is if some people would try this out and let me know where they think the working group should go next with this becuase there are a ton of possibilities for this project.  Oh, and if you’d like to get your feet wet... the code is pretty well commented, so jump right in and ask me if you have any questions!