I guess it's OK to vent our own frustrations about PC laptops here.  I have both a Sony Vaio and a Toshiba Tablet currently. One for home and one for work. 

Having had both of these laptops for over two years I've had to replace both batteries.  Thankfully MS paid for my new Tablet battery, but I'm still out $150 for the Vaio so I can move it between plugs without it dieing on me.  I guess it's no better in Apple land either.  Someone should fix this problem. 

I'm scared to let the screens turn off.  Both laptops have issues with the screen shutting off and not coming back on. I can tell the OS is working in the background because I'll get IM chimes and other noises.  It doesn't matter if it went into stand-by, hibernation, or the blank screen saver kicks in, it's a gamble I lose all to often and have to use the power reset.  Of course this tends to cause other issues. :-)

Instant resume from standby or hibernation would be awesome, but I'll settle for something better than the current 5 minute struggle I have today every time I wake them up.  Currently I use the keyboard to reactivate them, see the resuming windows progress bar go by, watch the screen re-draw one inch at a time, then fruitlessly attempt to click on applications that don't respond, and finally watch the final 5 glorious seconds when all my click messages register in a hail of activated windows and right click menus.  This procedure takes at least 3-5 minutes.  More if outlook is running and even more if I've switched network connections.  I been trained to “warm up“ my laptops like some sort of old car 5 minutes before a meeting. 

Getting them to go into hibernation seems to be a crap-shoot as well. Like Omar, I too, often find my carrying case to be burning hot and batteries half dead. I also agree that the stickers are aggravating. I'm too lazy to take them off because I know it means I'll just have to spend time cleaning the goo off afterwords.  Just don't give me stickers.

Why does Toshiba insist on putting a volume control and headphone adapter on the front of the laptop?  I'll ignore the Mic next to the fan for now if they fix these problems. :-)

Why is Apple the only hardware vendor that seems to understand the concept of making electronics aesthetically pleasing? The Vaios are almost passable, but the rest miss the mark by a mile. 

Solve these problems AND let me run .NET/Visual Studio and I'll buy your laptop.