Support the comment API.  Support it so I can read and reply to comments about your post.  Support it from your blog and support it from your blog reading software.  Scoble is hardheaded about full-text support in RSS.  I happen to agree with his perspective, but I'll go one step further... feeds (or clients) that do not include Full-Text AND the comment API infuriate me. 

On the server side this includes Scoble's feed, Mark Cuban's feed, the google groups newgroup feeds, etc.  The list goes on.  On the client side its a big reason why I won't download Saucereader or pay money for newsgator and a HUGE reason why RSS Bandit is so cool.  This, combined with posting support from w:Bloggar means I never have to really leave my reading client and wait for a web page to load... Unless, or course, I'm trying to see what Scobles readers are ranting about for a specific post. 

Sure, I could subscribe to the “Comment Feed”, but then I have to try and make the connection between the comments and the post.  You lose context, break up the flow of reading blogs with comments, and force me to leave a speedy client to reply. 

My hardheaded statement: I won't read your users comments or leave my own comments on your blogs if you don't support the comment api and I certainly won't use your blog reading software.