I'd like you to help us design the logo for the new team that Mark, Marie, Scott, and I are now a part of.  If our team chooses one of your logo designs than I'll reward you with a free copy of Visual Studio 2005 when we ship.  Currently the contest is open until the end of day next Friday, the 25th of March. You will also be competing against designs being drafted by internal team members. 

Here is some additional information for inspiration:

Team Name: "Developer Division Customer Product Lifecycle Experience Team"

Current Vision: "Helping Developer Division create positive customer experiences throughout the product life cycle"

Temporary Logo

Ways to submit an entry

I'll see if I can't post all the entries I get so you can see your competition.  I bet I can also get a bunch of the C9 foam guys for anyone who submits an entry. Photoshop On!

Update 1: Check out what the people over at Channel9 have done!

Update 2: More Info on What the Team Does

Several people have requested that I post some more information on what our team is responsible for.  Being recently created this information is subject to change, but I believe it falls into the following categories:

  • Aftermarket Engineering: Does something need to be built after we ship to enhance a users experience?
  • Product Planning for Servicing, Support, and Community: To ensure divisional products include key standardized serviceability and “community enabled” features and respond to the key support and customer satisfaction issues with the “in-service” versions.  Align customer “touch-points” during our development, release and support cycles based on customer input and feedback.
  • Sustained Engineering: Servicing the product.  
  • Divisional "CPX" Coordination: Develop programs/tools that support the concepts of fostering community around the product, improving the transparency of our planning for future releases, and improving customer satisfaction of the customer over the entire lifecycle of the product

It sounds like a lot, but we have a pretty big team.  That should be plenty of information to go on. I'll be following up more over the next few days to talk about some of the specific things we are doing. But that's less about the contest.

Update 3: I found some art that may, or may not be, higher quality VS logo images than you'll find externally. Short of handing over vector graphics (something no one internally I've talked to is using and something I'm not really supposed to do) this is the best I can find.  (Click to Download)

Update 4: Just so there is no confusion. There is absolutely no intention to use this logo on anything officially distributed to customers.  So you wont see it on the VS 2005 box or anything like that. Its meant for our teams internal sites and potentially printed on shirts/swag given to members of our team.  I'll see if I can't grab some for the winner when/if it is ever produced.

Update 5: Better description of our team... Russ, our team leader (the boss), left a comment that better translated what I posted out this team that I wanted to promote a little more. From Russ:

"I am the Product Unit Manager of the new team (DDCPX). When we ship a product (such as VS 2005), it is another step in a long relationship with our customers. Our new team, the Customer Product-lifecycle Experience has the mission to make this a good experience throughout the entire product lifecycle.

It includes traditional Sustaining Engineering combined with the group Josh comes from that is focused on Customer Connections. We will be adding several other pieces, some of which Josh has already identified.

Some of our goals are to make our products more supportable, more serviceable, and to help add value to them even as newer versions are being developed."