There are several positive comments in response to the VPC release of VSTS.
“Now this has got to be one of the most brilliant beta testing concepts i've seen in a while.”
“Yes!!!! This is the only way to go with VSTS saving your marriage and your weekends.”
“This is great!  Now you don't have to install the tools to do a test drive.  Maybe the developer community could develop custom scripts for hands-on labs that can be shared with others since a standard base VPC image is now available.  That would be a great way to help others learn the cool stuff you dig into yourself.”
“Honestly I love this idea and believe MS should start doing this for other “larger” betas.  VSTS is somewhat of a pain to install although easier than Beta 1 the Beta 2 bits will still give you fits.  This makes it nice and easy.”
“This is a great thing for those who haven't taken Team System for a spin because of the time and resources needed for installation and configuration.  No excuses now, so what are you waiting for?  Go download it!  =)”
“This really does rock. Good job Microsoft.”

The question of the day: Does anyone see the downside?  What if only VPC images where released for CTPs?