One "problem" I'd like to find a solution for in the next year is that of streaming my digital audio to any and every room in the house.  Ideally I would be able to have every speaker playing off of the same playlist at the same time (and or) have each station playing it's own list.  "What does this have to do with iTunes?" you might ask. 

Well, just about every solution I can find seems to support wma (including DRM'd files), but only the Apple "airport express" solution supports DRM'd AAC files.  Unfortunately the airport has a crippling limitation for my scenario because it only allows one airport express to be actively streaming music at any one time and it has absolutely no support for any type of WMA file. When it comes to the portable players Apple may have the edge, but there is a clear advantage in the hardware selection when it comes to home devices if you are purchasing from a WMA store. 

Players that support WMA (DRM) Home Streaming

Roku Soundbridge & PhotoBridge

Xbox360 (I could wait until the 22nd of November)


Omnifi Digital Media Streamer

Netgear Wireless Digital Music Player

Players that support AAC (DRM) Home Streaming

Airport Express

Players that don't support any DRM...Likely out of the running but...


Creative Wireless Music   

If anyone has any experience/opinions on any of these options I'd love to hear it. I'd also be interested in hearing about any unique or custom solutions to the home audio sharing problem.  Of course I could always go old school and run wires for speakers all over the house.  :-)