I'll be really interested to see what the next few shows published to http://www.on10.net/ are like.  In this case (more so than channel9) the original content is really going to be king since the site really flows around this content and doesn't contain a whole lot of other forums or wiki-type content. 

I do have one gripe. To get to this page (http://on10.net/TheShow/200/?CommentID=389) it required me to expand three posts. I had to expand the thread header and then each of the replies.  IMO they should expand the first X posts in a thread when I open the header then have a "more" button for the next X threads.  The good thing about this is that I can play with the posts while watching the video... something that they should add to Channel9.  Maybe that's where they assume I get the time to expand every post I want to read.  :-)