Yag, a fixture in the foxpro/data community, has decided to take on the challenge of architecting community platform infrastructure at Microsoft.  This means that he’ll get to hear at lot more of my griping and brain farts than he did when he was in the same division as me. :-)  I can only see upside for the developer community in this move.  First order of business… deliver web services for forums… the Developer Solutions team wrote a spec, lets get’em going!

Here it is in his own words.

VS Data Team's WebLog : Yag moves on and stays at the same time (by yag).

I accepted this position because it marries the community issues that I’m so passionate about, with the ability to quickly and immediately touch our customers around the world. In essence, I will be responsible for a multi-release plan developing a platform that includes the following:
a. blogs.msdn.com,
b. forums.microsoft.com,
c. on-line chats,
d. CodeZone search,
e. GotDotNet
f. and others…

We want to turn this into a platform that every division in Microsoft can use to quickly build their own unique community presence and push that presence out to their partners in the community.