I’ve been here for 6 years; let’s make sure the cookies aren’t.  Thanks to everyone that’s made this a great place to work.  Here are some little known factoids from the last 6 years.  

  • First Product I worked on: Visual Studio .NET Academic Tools. Now available as a shared source release.
  • First reported bug: 145422 (VisualStudio7 PS database) Painting issue with properties window when buttons take up more than one row.
  • First piece of code I wrote that shipped to Microsoft customers. Tic-Tac-Toe
    • 0 Number of bugs reported against that code by customers. J
  • Developer that had to fix the most bugs reported by me as a tester: Larsberg with ~80.
  • Number of times my hard drive has been seized as part of an international investigation: 1.
    • 4 – The number of hours I waited after my hard drive was seized before calling my former employers to ask if their offer still stood.
    • 1 week – The amount of time I lost re-writing all the code that hadn’t been checked in yet from that machine. Source control is your friend.
  • Other VS features I’ve owned at one point or another: (Otherwise known as the “You might be able to blame josh for list”:  Start Page, Dexplorer & anything help related, Toolbox, Task List, Proj/Soln configuration, Splash Screen, Help About, Community Window (I didn’t say they all shipped), IE Integration, Tools Options, Keyboard Settings, Command Window, Shell Window (just shipped aftermarket!!), and External Tools.
  • Number of blog posts written… 548
    • 2700  - Number of comments & track backs received to blog
  • Initiative I helped get going for my team & still have to warn teams about: Community Room
  • # of Shared Source Developer Tools (Power Toys) Released: 10
  • First Feature as a PM that won’t quit: What happens when the user clicks the “Ask a question” button?
    • I can’t say this one is yet completely solved, but we’re up over 4k questions per week and we started the modernization of Microsoft’s online communities with forums.microsoft.com. J
  • Best Excuse I’ve heard why not to talk to customers: “My chair isn’t comfortable enough”.

Thanks for 6 great years!