Source: The JobSyntax Blog : Microsoft and cool: so close yet so far :)

Anyway, I love the end of the article, in which Fred reveals that a Microsoft employee inadvertently emailed him PR's file on him, Wired, and Microsoft's talking points surrounding efforts like Channel 9 and On10.  Love it.  So classic Microsoft.  Cringe, cringe, sigh...

While I'm on the topic of big-corp-culture I did find this amusing and it's something else I can totally see happening. The issue to me is that there is still a perception gap between blogging and getting an article in wired. We blog freely, but if Fred from wired contacted me I'd have to get a few levels of approval to talk to him.  But if he asks questions on my blog it seems like fair game. :-)  When the only difference I see is the level of exclusivity granted. 

If Fred asks questions on my blog and I answer publicly there isn't much to gain for wired compared to a private phone call.