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  • Blog Post: OCU2007 Notes: Establishing Culture and Guidelines in Community

    There was a lot of good discussion in this one, but I tried taking notes on my windows mobile phone. I'd say it was an experiment to see what would happen if I had "twittered" a session or if I just wanted to make sure I thought about the notes I took... but the truth was that my notebook was dead and...
  • Blog Post: OCU Notes: Increasing User Particpation in Online Communities

    Incentives Influencer relationships such as the MVP program Connect them to your product teams so they get insider information Software coupons and give-aways. New reward every year. Need rigorous process to qualify the MVPs Visual, Branded, recognition is important. Meet in person at the Microsoft Summit...
  • Blog Post: Ads in Online Communities Session at OCU 2007

    Question : Should there be ads in the community? Some people don't care, some people are really opinionated. The consensus was that "if they are done right". Question : What are the different methods of putting ads on new Community Sites owned by Johnson and johnson so banners are injected...
  • Blog Post: Hello from the Online Community Unconference

    I'm at the computer history museum in the valley attending the Online Community Unconference . I'll try and blog notes as a take them, but the pace looks to be fast and I'm not sure I'll be able to capture much in a consumable form for anyone other than myself. I'll try.
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