The latest .NET show is Longhorn Fundamentals.  While the initial chunk (in Technobabble) is pretty interesting, the Monad demos (in Enter the Programmer) are killer.

I can't overstate how many seemingly millions of hours of admin work (I did large-scale AFS, AIX, Linux, etc. administration in former lives) Monad would have saved me.  Tons of perl, of course, but more so awk '{print $6}' and cut -c48-52 and egrep -i “foo|bar“ and the like.

I think any technology should be judged at some level by the “play metric” - when you first see it demo'd, how much you want to turn around and spend the next X hours/days playing around with it.  C# had a very high play metric for me.  Monad just about blows the roof off my play metric scale.

There's so much poor communication between chunks of code in the world of a sysadmin - XML helps to an extent, but Monad helps break down those walls almost completely.  Robert starts talking about (around 1:31:00 mark) the unix-ish world that can arise in .NET land thanks to Monad - lots of tools that can “do one thing, and do it well”, each integrating with the other in simple ways with the vast majority of the plumbing being off-loaded to Monad and the framework.

Anyway, go check out the presentation, get some bits (they talk about the betaplace around 1:35:00), go forth and play!  Now I get to go spend the weekend at the beach and watch my sister-in-law get married. :)