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July, 2004

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    Guess who starts Monday? Jim Hugunin!

    Ever since reading JasonZ's post about it , I've been very interested in IronPython . Part of it was ActiveState's largely failed (from a perf perspective at least) attempt at Python for .NET , but my interest was reinforced when I found out about Jim...
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    what to call an option to dump to stdout?

    I'm working on our “view” command where you can view older versions of files as you want - as an example “h view foo.cs;C123” would view the version of foo.cs at changeset 123 “h view $/bar/ack.cs;Lfoo” would view that...
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    a few more answers to Stuart's excellent questions

    I still owed Stuart a couple more answers from his last set of questions, and he posted a couple more questions, so these answers should hopefully stand on their own, but check out his questions if the answers seem to lack enough context for digestion...
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    WRT Stuart's excellent questions

    Stuart provided some great feedback on his experiences with VS 2002/2003 and SourceSafe. Since I've talked to some co-workers to find some of these answers, and since it's kind of long-ish, the response has been promoted to its own post. Read his feedback...
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    random weekend source control babbling

    Playing “devil’s advocate” is very much in my nature, so in the absence of external input, I’ll have debates with myself. I’ve been in a constant debate lately as to the role of source control in the development process....
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