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December, 2004

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    simple TcpClient echo client/server example

    I was trying to help a beginner dev that (like many early on) wanted to tackle an irc bot as their first project. They had apparently googled for C# irc and came across this code . Now, having spent a couple of my college years running my own irc server...
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    Pretty-printing valid xml snippet

    It's proven useful in a couple of places, and it's pretty small and self-documenting. I had written this mainly to look at my VS settings file in a nicer way since it saves with a minimum of whitespace. private static string ToPrettyXml( string xml) ...
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    IEnumerable<T> and interleaving of I/O with CPU

    Not all problems lend themselves to this, but as a general suggestion, if you're handling T[] or {I,}List<T> or ArrayList or the like of items (especially ones coming from I/O sources - files, network, etc.) with a single pass, you should consider...
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