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June, 2005

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    What things do you most miss from the BCL?

    The BCL (still) not including a Set<T> class is among my highest pet peeves - it's a constant top 10 on product feedback . That Java's had it since Dec 1998 when Playground shipped with the Collections framework just makes things worse, arguably...
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    third-party merge tools and exit codes

    One of the extensibility points we have is the ability to specify third-party tools for diff (file comparison) and merge (three-way merge specifically) operations. For merge, when we call the third-party tools and then they return, we have to figure out...
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    It's the little things that help

    Adam Singer had pointed out the little helpful " remap " functionality we have in our command-line interface to Team Foundation Source Control. Hopefully you'll find that we do a lot of nice things that help your day-to-day productivity. Along those lines...
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    gimp / photoshop / acrylic - oh my!

    We were chatting about these today in the office, and I have a request for all you out there in tv (um, G4 maybe?) land - do a comparison of at least Acrylic vs. GIMP, and ideally throw in Photoshop as well. I wouldn't bother trying "let's compare every...
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    "hint palette" for VS?

    One idea I had pitched internally awhile back but we didn't have time for in Whidbey was that of a "tutorial mode" (I couldn't think of a better term at the time) that lets you toggle a checkbox and would keep a window around to feed you helpful information...
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