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April, 2008

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    Do X or Do Y. Yes or No?

    I get what it's trying to say, but I'm at a loss as to what the Yes and No buttons will do here. I'm not sure this warrants WTF , but still. Actually, perhaps I'm wrong - Chris thinks it warrants it :) James Manning‎‎ [1:25 PM]: ---------------------...
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    invoke-wiq.ps1 - "run" a .wiq file and get the results back

    This request came in from an internal PS list. You can certainly make it fancier, and all it does now is invoke a WIT method, but hopefully you may find it of value. param($wiqfilename = $(throw 'must specify wiq filename' )) # get the fullpath to...
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    ExtensionMethods - flavorful syntactic sugar

    A potential place to use an extension method cropped up in our team this week, and I gave feedback that I'd like to avoid it (for this case) because in this scenario, it enabled something that just felt wrong to me - working instance methods off null...
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    LocalSystem==root, LocalService==nobody

    This one is, unfortunately, very easy to get wrong, and lots of people do, even those inside MSFT.  It came up when I was reading a recent post from the great Jeff Atwood , where he gets it backwards, thinking the Local System account is limited...
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