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  • Blog Post: Various PowerShell scripts

    This page just gives me a place to keep a most-recent-copy of my various PowerShell scripts, mostly related to TFS. This makes it easier for people that want to use them than having to copy-paste from lots of different blog posts. Note that since some of the scripts call other scripts in this collection...
  • Blog Post: diff/merge configuration in Team Foundation - common Command and Argument values

    One of the extensibility points we have in Team Foundation V1 is that you can configure any other diff and merge tools you want. The purpose of this article is to start collecting the most common ones we know or heard about in a central place so people don't have to figure these out on their own. This...
  • Blog Post: BatchRunner - using a collection of BackgroundWorker instances for fun

    BackgroundWorker is a new class in the .NET 2.0 framework - it's purpose in life is to make it much easier for developers to do background operations by providing an event-driven model. It also uses the thread synchronization contexts so it's ShowProgress and RunWorkerCompleted events get marshaled back...
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