Haven't yet seen one person in favor of easter eggs, and in fact Tom points out that Microsoft's own book on security best practices proscribes avoiding easter eggs.  So I'm willing to be swayed by the masses (or at least the few of you who posted comments or blogs ;) that easter eggs should stay gone.  None the less, a few parting thoughts:

1) even those who oppose easter eggs said they remember fondly the Excel 3D game easter eggs

2) Is there any other feature of Excel that anyone remembers fondly?  I wonder if people ever reminisce about the great look of the menu bar in Excel 97, or the lovely properties dialog in Word 95.  Easter eggs, even if they are nothing more than a creative way to put your name in lights, do bring some character to apps and put a bit of a human face on software.  User benefit? Nil.  Unless you liked playing the 3D game ;)

3) I think it's great if a programmer feels sufficiently proud of her work to want to assoicate her name with it forever (the Mac signature thing is a striking example of this, to me.)

So, RIP, easter eggs.  What we've gained in app stability and rigid engineering process (which, admittedly, benefits users and sells software,) we've lost in fun and character (which admittedly does neither).