I’ve been wavering on whether or not to blog about stuff un-related to work.  Scoble’s post inspired me, though, to think about when it makes sense to voice personal opinions.  What would I have expected of any American with a public venue in, for example, May of 1954, to say about what was happening to their country?


Boy, one paragraph in, and I’m already starting to sound self-righteous ;)  But I concluded that I can’t be silent in the face of a nation-wide debate (or at least shouting match, thanks Fox News) about civil rights for gays.  I don’t want to start a long rant, I’m not going to try to change anyone’s mind, but I want to raise my voice in support of equal protection for homosexual couples who want to make a lifetime commitment to each other.  Keeping quiet on this issue feels like delusional ignorance or cowardice, I’m not sure which.


I believe in the importance of a strong family infrastructure, of making sure that every child is raised by loving, supportive parents who are as committed to each other as they are to their children, and who represent a positive role model of love and respect.  I’m none too keen on government legislation to enforce such things, but if that’s something you support, I suggest asking your legislative representatives to consider a bill that requires a two-year waiting period before granting a marriage license (to better assure the commitment of the couple and their long-term viability) – that seems like a far more likely way to improve the foundation of a family that by banning homosexual marriage.


I have yet to see a compelling argument for why homosexual marriage should be disallowed, while all sorts of short-lived, or abusive, or otherwise morally deficient heterosexual marriages would be allowed to persist.  I particularly can’t stand the argument that judges enforcing Constitutional (federal or state) rights to equality are judicial activists acting against the will of the people, that sounds straight of 1954 to me.  GatorGSA has a tongue-in-cheek response to some of the arguments that have been thrown out there.


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