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Jeremy Mazner, Technical Evangelist

March, 2004

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    When good ideas look bad

    Chris’s blog has been particularly good at making clear the process a product team will go through to try to ship a product that meets their users’ needs. Certainly on the product teams I worked on, we made decisions based on what would be...
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    WinFS Scenario #3: focusing your dev time on what really matters

    Wikis seem to be catching on some at Microsoft. Several product teams are using Wikis to brainstorm features and product design, or even more mundane things like recording meeting notes. I love the simple collaborative nature of a Wiki, the openness that...
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    "You work for crooks, Jeremy"

    I got into an interesting discussion in the comments on Dan Gillmor’s column about Microsoft’s behavior. Dan concludes that “Microsoft won’t reform itself.” Because I like my job and don’t like sitting in depositions...
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    Online geek golfing

    I'm not the first one to notice, but my teammate Jeff Sandquist has set up an XBox Live! community for the online equivalent of Scoble’s geek dinners. Seems like a neat way to play some online Links while meeting other members of the software community...
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    A WinFS scenario from someone other than me...

    ...and he's a real developer, even! Dan Crevier, an architect on the People & Groups team on Longhorn, has posted a write up of how WinFS would have helped him on his last software project.
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