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Jeremy Mazner, Technical Evangelist

July, 2004

  • Riding Herd

    Jon Udell's blogs turn into a cover story

    Jon Udell has turned his series of blog entries on Longhorn into an InfoWorld cover story . His editor makes the point that the blogging drove some great discussion and contributions to the final article. It’s cool to see that discussions I took...
  • Riding Herd

    Allocating aligned memory in Windows

    A question came up on an internal alias about allocating memory blocks along page alignments, and it was harder than I expected to find the answer. So here is the link to _aligned_malloc on MSDN , and now Google can work its magic. http://msdn.microsoft...
  • Riding Herd

    Back from vacation

    My blog has been quiet the past few weeks because of travel, both for work and vacation. If your idea of a nice vacation is spending a week in the sun, with ocean, pool and kitchen only a few steps away from each other, you might enjoy Ocean Palms as...
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