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Jeremy Mazner, Technical Evangelist

September, 2004

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    Useful, and free: Lookout, XP Backup

    Nothing better than finding a couple of free utilities that are actualy useful. Lookout : this is a local search client that integrates with Outlook. I am quite impressed, it took about 15 minutes to index my exchange content, plus a couple .pst archives...
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    SP2 working well for me

    With SP2 released and available via Windows Update, I wanted to update all my machines. Here's my brief summary of how my upgrades went. Home machine #1: Toshiba Portege R100. Upgraded from XP SP1 to SP2 via Windows Update. Results: Flawless. Install...
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    BusinessWeek on the LH changes

    I hadn't seen this one referenced anywhere else...so here it is , with no additional comments from me ;) And then it seems like Jay Greene expanded on this original reporting for an article in the magazine, now available via Yahoo! . I wish he'd talked...
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