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Jeremy Mazner, Technical Evangelist

March, 2005

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    Lazycoder doesn't think PDC is worth the cost

    Lazycoder : Microsoft Tech Ed and PDC not worth the time or money What do you really miss by not going to a PDC ? You miss a chance to learn about upcoming MS technology directly from the architects and developers who are building it, and you miss a chance...
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    Getting decent wireless connectivity at PDC

    I've seen several comments about the issues with WLAN accessibility at PDC '03. I am delighted to say that there is someone thinking hard about how to improve the situation for PDC ’05, and even more delighted still to say that it isn’t me. I missed the...
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    Capacity planning for PDC

    There's an interesting discussion about PDC over at Yahoo Groups' Windows Technical: Off Topic forum . Kevin Hegg writes : The last three PDC's were overcrowded, with the last PDC being the worst. The solution seems pretty simple to me. Stop selling more...
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    The most important PDC decision we'll make

    This week, the team is under an enormous amount of stress as the deadline approaches for the decision that will make or break PDC 2005: the swag bag. Sitting in Steve's office are three different styles of computer bag, and we must choose which one we...
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    Stunning PDC details revealed!

    Okay, maybe not so stunning, but in response to several requests that have come in from commenters and private email, I’m happy to be able to share a few key details that might help those of you trying to figure out your conference plans and budget for...
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    PDC pre-conference: 1 day, or 2?

    I’m trying to figure out how we should handle the PDC pre-conference this year, and wanted to see if anyone has input for us. At last year’s PDC, we provided a day of pre-conference content. For an extra fee, PDC attendees could register to attend one...
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    RSS Feeds for PDC

    [Update: we now have an official feed for the main PDC event page, in addition to the community/blog feed below] The Microsoft Communities team was kind enough to create a special category for MSDN blog posts relating to PDC 2005. If you want to keep...
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    How do you plan a PDC?

    I’ve spent the past two months trying to figure out what it means to be PDC Content Owner, and how I’m supposed to do my job. I’m not entirely sure I’ve figured it out yet ;) I know that by Sep 13, I need a plan for how to keep several thousands of attendees...
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    Pre-emptive strike: What will you show at PDC?

    Scoble found my PDC post pretty fast, and so in anticipation of an increase in traffic, I figured I'd try to proactively answer a few likely questions: When is PDC : Sep 13-16, in Los Angeles. We usually do a day of pre-conference training as well. When...
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    PDC planning and your input

    Back in January, my manager ( Steve Cellini ) mentioned that he’d kindly volunteered me to be Content Owner for PDC . I haven’t blogged about that yet, as I’ve been spending the past 6 weeks trying to get my head wrapped around what exactly it is that...
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    Recent statements on WinFS, "Project Green"

    Here are a couple pointers to the latest info we've made public on some ongoing development projects. I don't have any more insight to add, just wanted to make sure the links were out there in the world. WinFS: Comments from Product Manager Tom Rizzo...
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