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Jeremy Mazner, Technical Evangelist

June, 2005

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    Avoiding memory leak patterns in your IE script

    Justin Rogers , a dev on IE's object model team, posts about his recent MSDN article on leak patterns in IE . If you're doing serious DHTML development for IE, this article is a must read. Says Justin: let's look at the following patterns...
  • Riding Herd

    What makes for a good PDC session?

    The closer the PDC track team comes to locking down our session list, the more we hear from internal Microsoft platform folks who wonder why their sessions didn't make the cut (or why out of the 10 sessions they proposed, only 1 got approved). When the...
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    PDC track owners are blogging...

    I've noticed that a couple of the track owners on our virtual content team have started blogging about PDC. Mike Fitzmaurice is one of the track owners for our Office 12 and Sharepoint content. He talked a bit about why he's excited to have a signifcant...
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    PDC registration now open

    I have a long list of backlogged things to post about...but for now, I just want to quickly note that registration is open ! We also posted 50+ session titles -- these aren't the final titles, but they give a pretty good flavor for the kinds of things...
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