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Guidance Explorer Beta 2 Release

Guidance Explorer Beta 2 Release

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We released Guidance Explorer Beta 2 on CodePlex.  Guidance Explorer is a patterns & practices R&D project to improve finding, sharing and creating prescriptive guidance.  Guidance Explorer features modular, actionable guidance in the form of checklists, guidelines, how tos, patterns … etc.

What's New with This Release

  • Guidance Explorer now checks for updated guidance against an online guidance store.
  • Source code is available on CodePlex so you can shape or extend Guidance Explorer for your scenario.
  • Guidance Explorer Web Edition is available for quick browsing of the online guidance store.

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Send your feedback to getool@microsoft.com.

  • Have you ever thought to yourself "I'd love to be able to quickly find the raw patterns & practices

  • Sometimes the guidelines in our guidance such as Improving Web Application Security , Improving .NET

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