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Task-Analysis Grid for Communicating Product Design

Task-Analysis Grid for Communicating Product Design

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How do you communicate design decisions? … Srinath sent me a helpful link on the Task-Analysis Grid.   A Task Analysis Grid is effectively columns of scenarios along with sub-tasks to complete the task.

Here's the key points:

  • The columns are organized by Before, After, and Future
  • The sub-tasks are prioritized and color coded.

In practice, I think the Task-Analysis Grid is useful for communicating user experiences and high-level product design.  For driving engineering and project management, I use Scenario Grids.  Scenario Grids are useful for figuring out baseline releases, incremental releases, dependencies, as well as doing scenario-based evaluations and competitive assessments.  I'll post more on building Scenario Grids another day.

  • If you're looking for yet another way to help you prioritize your backlog or to help you shape your product's

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