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Success Strategies

Success Strategies

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As part of my improvement sprint focused on leadership, I'm making my way through The First 90 Days, by Michael Watkins.  In a nutshell, it's a guide for how new leaders can be successful.  I think it's actually relevant for any new role or situation.  It's a very practical guide, full of real-world lessons learned.  In this book, Watkins basically studies the failures and success of people on the job and turns them into patterns and anti-patterns for success.

I'm finding that the book is full of gems of insight. In order to share with my friends, family, co-workers and mentees, I've been posting bite-sized nuggets on The Bookshare.  The Bookshare is simply where I chunk information from my favorite books, down into bite-sized nuggets that are fast to read and easy to turn into action.

My latest post is a distillation of the recipe for success from The First 90 days, along with my key take aways.  If you're a new leader or dealing with change, or simply want to be aware of key strategies for success at work, read my post on Ten Key Success Strategies.

  • I'd been using this book to guide my last 3 job swaps... it's fantastic to create your action plan to approach a job change.

  • This blog gives relevant information on Success Strategies which is mainly focussed on leadership, In my view it is a guide to new leaders that how they can be successful. There are certain practical thoughts in this guide which helps the leaders to work in a better way in order to become successful.

  • At Microsoft, I regularly mentor some fellow softies.   It can be tough to navigate the waters,

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