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patterns & practices App Arch Guide 2.0 Project

patterns & practices App Arch Guide 2.0 Project

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It's long overdo, but we're kicking off a project for v2 of the patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide.  You might be familiar with Tom Hollander's post "Application Architecture for .NET" 2 - The Revenge.  Well, now it's time for results.

Solution Architects / Dev Leads / Developers
Our primary audience is solution architects, developer leads, and developers.

Principles, Patterns, and Practices
I'm a principles, patterns, and practices kind of a guy, so expect the guide to be principle-based, durable, and evolvable.

CodePlex Community Site
It's a work in progress and it's early, but you can follow along here:

Here's some of the areas we're looking at for the guide:


  • App Types
  • Arch Styles
  • Patterns
  • Layers, Tiers, and Components
  • Architectural Hot Spots
  • Presentation Layer
  • Business Layer
  • Data Access Layer
  • Services Layer
  • Services Design
  • Quality Attributes
  • Trends
  • Security Engineering
  • Performance Engineering
  • Baseline Architectures
  • Deployment Patterns


  • Choosing Presentation Technologies
  • Choosing Data Access Technologies
  • Choosing Workflow Technologies
  • Inline SQL vs. sprocs
  • MVC vs. MVP
  • Domain model driven vs. structure driven

Your Feedback
What would you like to see in the guide?

  • I ran across an interesting post on J.D. Meier's Blog that describes the Patterns & Practices project

  • A new friend I got, J.D. Meier , is leading a project intended to provide renewed Architecture Guidance

  • Im Jahr 2002 hat die " Patterns & Pratices " Gruppe einen Design-Guide für verteilte

  • JD, this all looks good, but following up on Adwait's comment - I'm hoping some guidance around Oslo and the new repository will be in the offing as soon as possible after the PDC. I know doing a real credible and comprehensive job on that front is probably way out on P&P's radar, but it would be good if P&P or the Oslo/Cloud groups could put out some preliminary guidance just so we all have our heads screwed on right coming out of the gate.

    Also, I'd love to see a similar guidance package come out of the ALT.NET community - not so much by any particular luminary, but rather some form of consensus document putting some architectural context and scenarios around DDD, TDD, and SOLID.

  • Its really a great work! Thanks for bringing this out to us.

    How about adding a few topics about SOA and Agile model?

  • @J Healy - I agree that having at least a frame and path would be helpful ... and pave the way for deeper guidance downstream.

    @Santhosh - SOA makes sense.  We're mostly focused on "structure" vs. "process" but it could make sense to call some key forces and responses, at least in terms of trends.

  • Do you have an approximate date of when the guide will be published?

  • @L Spidell - Yes - Jan 15, obviously subject to change.  We'll ship modules incrementally though on CodePlex so you'll get to follow along.  So far, we've been shipping on Wednesdays.

  • I am really looking forward to reading this once it comes out. I've got a software architecture blog and can't wait to incorporate some new ideas into it. I got a chance to write an article for the Patterns & Practices group at Microsoft and it was a great experience.

  • As part of our patterns & practices App Arch Guide 2.0 project , we'll be creating step-by-step How

  • For a long time the application architecture guidance from the patterns & practices team remained

  • Today we posted our Arch Frame to CodePlex.  Wednesdays are ship days (I don't ship on Fridays.) 

  • As part of our patterns & practices Application Architecture Guide 2.0 project , we've been hunting

  • As part of our patterns & practices App Arch Guide 2.0 project , we've put together an arch frame. 

  • As part of the App Arch Guidance project , we've created an organizing frame to help think about application

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