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Effectiveness Post Roundup

Effectiveness Post Roundup

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At Microsoft, I regularly mentor some fellow softies.   It can be tough to navigate the waters, find your strengths, figure out worklife balance, and deal with the stresses of the job, all while making things happen.  I help my mentees learn  the most effective ways for getting results in a tough, competitive environment.  It's challenging.  It's rewarding.  I've had several great mentors throughout my life at Microsoft, so mentoring is a way that I give back, sharing my lessons learned and helping others grow.  While my 1:1 sessions are the most effective, I try to share key practices more broadly in posts.  Here's a roundup of my various posts for improving effectiveness at work and life.  I organized them by meaningful buckets and provided an A-Z list at the end.  Enjoy.

Learn how to find your path and get more from your career.  Work with the right people on the right things making the right impact.  These posts focus on career and worklife balance:

Communication is among the most important skills for getting results in work and life.  Empathic listening is the most important communication skills.  Improve the quality of your communication, and improve the quality of your life.  These posts focus on communication skills:

Don't be a slave to your mail.  With the right approach, you can spend less time in your inbox and enjoy an empty inbox on a regular basis.  These posts focus on email management:

Intellectual Horsepower
Thinking is asking and answering questions.  Learn ways to improve your thinking through question-driven techniques and changing perspectives:

Leadership is influence.  Amplify your results by improving your sphere of influence.  Leadership starts with self-leadership.  These posts focus on leadership skills: 

Learning is a life-long process.  Adopt practices that help you grow.  These posts focus on improving your learning:

Motivation is your energy or desire to make something happen.  It's also the energy or desire for others to make something happen.  Learn how to improve your own passion for results as well as how to influence and motivate those around you.  These posts focus on motivation:

Personal Development
Personal excellence is a path, not a destination.  In life you're either climbing or sliding.  One key is to find ways to climb faster than you slide.  Another key is balancing your multiple demands and growing in your mind, body, career, emotions, financial, relationships and fun.  These posts focus on personal development: 

Personal Productivity
Make stuff happen.  Drive or be driven.  With the right approaches, you can carve out time for what's important and prioritize more effectively.  This is the key to getting results.  These posts focus on personal productivity:

Project Management
If you need to get something done, make it a project.   Whether it's a small-scale, personal project or a large, team-based project, there's patterns and practices you can use to be more successful.  These posts focus on project management:

Effective teamwork is a key skill in today's workplace.  Learn how to get more done with your colleagues.  These posts focus on improving your teamwork:

Time Management
You can't add more hours to the day, but you can spend your time more effectively.  You can also add more power hours to your day.  These posts focus on time management:

Questions are a powerful way to shape your thinking and mindset.  Ask better questions and get better answers.  These posts focus on asking and answering better questions:

Here's the posts organized in a flat A - Z list for easy scanning:

Sources of Insight
If that's not enough for you, check out my project blog: Sources of Insight.  Sources of Insight is a browsable KB of insights and actions for work and life.  It's where I share my lessons learned from books, heroes and quotes.  You can read more about the mission and vision in the About page.

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  • Thanks for this list, J.D. I'm really struggling with "getting my grove back" at work, and I don't know why. This list gives me plenty to think about.

  • I needed this list 20 years ago. Great info...looks like a wiki to me. :)

  • @Clint - A quick way to get your groove on is the Monday Vision, Daily Outcomes, Friday Reflection pattern.  If you're getting stuck, it will help you unleash your results.   Remember though that sometimes it's just you're off-season and you need the downtime.  Embrace it.

    @Patrick - Great to hear!  Yes - a Wiki would rock.

  • Thanks for sharing all the information and insights!!!

  • @Vijay - Thanks for stopping by!

  • Thanks for sharing J.D! great job.

  • @Maor David - Thank you!

  • thnks for sharing.but it's really a great project to do.

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