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patterns & practices Security Engineering Cheat Sheet

patterns & practices Security Engineering Cheat Sheet

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We posted our patterns & practices Security Engineering Cheat Sheet to our Application Architecture Knowledge Base on CodePlex.   It’s a bird’s-eye view of applying our security techniques to the life cycle.  The techniques and approach shipped with VSTS/MSF Agile starting in 2005.

Security Engineering Overlay
Here’s a view that overlays our key patterns & practices security techniques alongside common software engineering activities:


Key Activities in the Life Cycle
The core activities you should consider performing include the following:

  • Security Objectives.
  • Threat Modeling.
  • Security Design Guidelines.
  • Security Design Inspection.
  • Security Code Inspection.
  • Security Testing.
  • Security Deployment Inspection.

You can read more about these techniques and how to apply them to your software architecture and your software development life cycle on our Cheat Sheet – patterns & practices Security Engineering.

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